What starts as an argument between family members can lead to time spent in jail. There is no specific section in the Criminal Code for domestic violence, but this charge is treated differently than other assault charges. When the police respond to a domestic assault call, they will most likely arrest on the spot. It is common for an accused to be released on bail conditions, but this is only the beginning of a world of problems for you and your family, as you will be prohibited from returning home and having contact with them.

Domestic assault charges are taken very seriously by the Crown, and therefore a special approach is required by the defence. There are different outcomes for this type of charge and some do not result in a criminal record. You need the expertise of an experienced domestic assault lawyer to make sure you do not have significant problems down the road involving you and your family.

I am domestic assault lawyer Michael Bloom, and I know how to properly defend you. As a former Crown prosecutor I was a member of the domestic violence trial team, and know everything there is to know about these kinds of cases. I will fight relentlessly to defend you, with the ultimate goal of avoiding a criminal record.


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