If you have been charged with prostitution or a related act, it can be difficult to know where to turn for advice. Prostitution laws in Canada have recently been found unconstitutional, but certain related acts are still prosecuted. The law in this area is ever changing, and this can result in a charge that is no longer constitutional.

Currently, in Canada the following prostitution related acts are still considered criminal offences:

  • Communicating for purposes of prostitution
  • Procurement of individuals to engage in sexual intercourse (e.g., running an escort agency, employing sex workers)
  • Contacting an escort service on the Internet for the purpose of engaging in sexual conduct or pay-for-play activity
  • Living off the avails of prostitution (e.g., pimping)

If you have been charged with one of these acts, it is important that you retain a lawyer who is experienced in this field, and who keeps up to date with Canada’s ever changing prostitution laws.

A prostitution charge can be embarrassing, and an experienced defence lawyer will know how to have the charges dropped, or directed out of the public eye.

I am defence lawyer Michael Bloom, and I am committed to minimizing the impact a prostitution charge can have on your life. My aim is to have the charges against you dropped completely. In some cases, an individual will have the opportunity to avoid the criminal process through a diversion program. I will advocate for your eligibility to partake in the diversion process so that you will not get e a criminal record.


If you have been charged with a prostitution related act, call 604 603 5513 or submit a form here to arrange your FREE defence consultation. Let’s work together to have your cased diverted from the criminal process, and protect your reputation and record.