With the rise of the Internet and online transactions, identity theft and fraud charges have become much more common. Crime stopping efforts against these crimes have increased as well.

The Crown takes these charges very seriously, and all major police forces have specialized units dedicated to detecting, investigating and prosecuting identity theft and other forms of fraud. Fraud cases are hard fought by the Crown, and are often undertaken by the specialized commercial crime unit of the prosecution.

If you have been charged with identity theft or fraud, it is extremely important that you arm your defence with a lawyer who is prepared, and experienced with battling these sophisticated taskforces and charges.

I am criminal defence lawyer Michael Bloom and I will defend you just as mercilessly as the prosecution will fight against you. I will thoroughly examine your case, and all of the evidence that the Crown has against you, some of which may not have even been provided to you. My experience working as a Crown prosecutor taught me how to identify weaknesses in the Crown’s case. With this knowledge, I will develop a defence strategy and trial plan that will provide you with the strongest possible defence.


If you have been charged with identity theft or fraud, call 604 603 5513 or submit a form here to arrange your FREE defence consultation. Retain my services to afford yourself the best possible defence against these sophisticated crime fighting units.