Medical Marijuana facilities, otherwise known as “Dispensaries”  “Licensed Producers” are becoming commonplace on the streets and commercial area of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. As of 2015, more than 100 medical dispensaries have opened up in our city; this fast expansion has catapulted the medical marijuana industry into one of the fastest growing industries in Canada. Recently, the City of Vancouver has passed new laws to regulate “Dispensaries” which may lead to many businesses having to shut down and relocate.

If you are interested in entering this market, as an investor or as a business owner, or are already established in the market and are uncertain how the new laws and judgments will affect your business, Bloom Law can help you navigate the legality of your business plan and strategy, and assist you with preparing and filing the requisite permits. At this time, the business of medical marijuana is still a technical area of law that is constantly changing. It is a pivotal time for the marijuana industry and it is well on its way to full legalization.

At Bloom Law we thoroughly understand all of the current medical marijuana laws in Canada and the regulations the City of Vancouver has recently passed. In addition, Bloom Law keeps up to date with proposed changes to the law and the medical marijuana matters currently before the court. We can help you start your medical marijuana business or ensure the legality of your current operation, which will help investors have confidence in investing in your business.

Bloom Law also benefits from Michael Bloom’s knowledge and understanding of the development and permitting process for large scale commercial operations which Michael acquired during his career as a Professional Engineer. Accordingly, Bloom Law can provide the legal and engineering services to assist your medical marijuana business get the development and operating permits needed to get ahead in this growing industry.


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