A drug possession charge can severely effect your life and livelihood, and is a charge that should not be taken lightly. The severity of a drug offence largely depends on two things: the type of drug involved, and the amount. If convicted, the penalty can range from a fine, to life imprisonment. This type of charge will also effect your ability to travel to the US and abroad.

The prosecution must prove that the accused had both knowledge and control over the drug. It is important that you seek legal advice for this very technical charge.

I am Michael Bloom, a skilled criminal defence lawyer who will thoroughly defend you against drug possession charges. My experience working as a Crown prosecutor taught me how to identify weaknesses in the Crown’s case. With this knowledge, I will develop a defence strategy and trial plan that will provide you with the strongest possible defence.


The Crown will try to ascertain that you knew and had control over the drug that was found, however neither may be true. If you have been charged with drug possession call 604 603 5513 or submit a form here to arrange your FREE defence consultation.