If you are facing charges you may be arrested and held in custody. A bail hearing will determine if you are allowed to be released while awaiting trial. The bail hearing is the most critical step in the trial process aside from the trial itself. If you are detained this will compromise your ability to meet with council and properly prepare for your case. Do not attempt to conduct your bail hearing without a lawyer retained to act on your behalf.

Every person is constitutionally guaranteed the right to reasonable bail unless the Crown persuades the Court there is no way to ensure the accused will show up for Court appearances or if released the accused is likely to commit more offences, or to interfere with the trial process. A competent criminal defence lawyer will defend your right to be presumed innocent. I am criminal defence lawyer Michael Bloom, and I am committed to developing a thorough bail hearing and release plan to defend your right to be presumed innocent and have you granted bail.


In some cases, the accused must find someone to act as their surety upon bail release. This person will endorse for and will be required to ensure the accused will follow their bail conditions. The surety should have ‘real property’ (land) in British Columbia, and could face a monetary fee if the accused does not abide their bail conditions. If the accused violates their bail conditions, the surety could have to pay a significant amount or the court could seize their property to settle the debt.

If the surety wants to relieve their duty, they can “render” the accused. In doing so, they will no longer be responsible for the actions of the accused, and the accused will be arrested and put back in jail. If you are considering acting as a surety contact a criminal defence lawyer immediately so that you understand your obligations and rights.


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