I am Michael Bloom, a Crown prosecutor turned criminal defence lawyer. My years working as a Crown prosecutor taught me intimate knowledge about the way criminal cases are prosecuted. I am able to identify weaknesses in the Crown’s case and assess whether you have been provided with all relevant disclosure. Using this information and my superior analytical skills I will develop a defence strategy and trial plan to win your case.

I attended law school at the University of Western Ontario where I was the recipient of many first-in-class academic awards. I worked as a Crown prosecutor at the Surrey Provincial Court which is the busiest courthouse in the Province of British Columbia, and now Canada. Working at the Criminal Justice Branch in British Columbia I was assigned hundreds of cases and litigated and numerous criminal trials.

My excellence in school and tireless work ethic as a Crown prosecutor illustrate my dedication to effective delivery of results. I have started Bloom Law from the ground up, successfully building a network of skilled experts who help provide unbeatable legal services.


I understand that all cases are unique and my defence will be entirely tailored to your specific circumstances. I am committed to working with you to uncover all details and information pertaining to your case and we will build the defence strategy and trial plan that will achieve the best possible result. The goal is to have the charges dropped and if the matter goes to Court winning your trial.

It is my philosophy to work tirelessly for my clients and deliver the most favourable result. I understand that you have trusted me with your future and I take this very seriously.


If you are facing criminal charges or require legal advice, call 604 603 5513 or submit a form here to arrange your FREE consultation.