When charged with a criminal offence, retain a skilled and experienced defence lawyer that you can trust. Michael Bloom is a former Crown prosecutor turned defence lawyer. Michael knows the methods and strategies used by the Crown Prosecutor’s Office, and can easily develop the right defence strategy, and identify weaknesses in the Crown’s case against you.

Having a criminal record is a stigma in our society, and will effect your employment and livelihood. Give yourself the best chance of avoiding a criminal record by retaining the criminal defence services of Michael Bloom. Michael will advocate and fight tirelessly for you until your case is resolved.

Michael also provides legal advice to Medical Marijuana Businesses and can assist your business obtain the requisite permits and stay in compliance with the constantly changing rules and regulations governing this rapidly growing industry.


If you are facing criminal charges in the Lower Mainland, call criminal defence lawyer Michael Bloom at 604 603 5513 or submit a form here. Your initial consultation is FREE. Retain the services of the most thorough defence lawyer in the Lower Mainland to protect your livelihood and freedom.